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GOD truly works in mysterious ways.


In 2017, after twelve years of marriage, Mercedes filed for divorce.  I was an active alcoholic and couldn’t stop drinking.  We decided to sell our home and all our possessions while preparing to go our separate ways.   At the closing, I reached the absolute lowest point in my life.  It finally hit me; I was losing my wife and child!   What a mess I’d created!  


At that exact moment, I openly offered my life to GOD and tearfully begged Him to help me stop drinking.  Later that evening, I went to Mercedes and pleaded with her to forgive me and allow me one more chance to prove myself.   My appeals were positively answered.  


At this point, Mercedes and I no longer had a home so we did what any other normal family would do; we purchased an RV and set out to heal our marriage by seeing this beautiful country together with Sage and Skippy in tow.  As strange as it may sound, this decision saved our marriage.  


While traveling, we started the “RV Odd Couple” YouTube channel with the promise to share our good, bad, and ugly “full-time RV living” experiences with our viewers, even if it was embarrassing.  Our formula of real, honest, helpful, and sincere content grew our channel exponentially and we loved traveling and helping others along the way.  It was a great way of life and we thoroughly enjoyed the lifestyle.  













Then, in December of 2019, our faith was tested!  


At four years old, Sage was diagnosed with autism and we were devastated.  Full of self-doubt and blame, we had no idea where to go from here.  Just before Christmas, we went LIVE on YouTube and shared Sage’s challenge, asked for prayers, and let everyone know our traveling days were on hold while Sage was undergoing further diagnosis.  The outpouring of love and prayers humbled us and the “RV Odd Squad” prayer warriors was born.  


After eleven months of four day a week therapy and a tons of prayer, GOD’s hand once again touched our lives.  As Mercedes and I were editing video, out of nowhere, we heard Sage’s first clearly spoken words as she recited the Lord’s Prayer!  Can you imagine!  We began bawling our eyes out and not sure we deserved this miracle, humbly gave all the glory to GOD.   And yet, despite all the good that happened, I was scared.  


We were now in the midst of Covid-19 and the world seemed to unravel as disaster seemed eminent.  Fortunately, we had spent all of 2020 in a campground in Florida while Sage was being treated.  RV Odd Squad full-timers weren’t so lucky as they scrambled for places to camp while States shutdown and social distancing and lockdowns occurred all over the nation.  These folks had nowhere to go!  I longed for a safe haven where I could take my family and RV Odd Squad members, those folks who supported us during our darkest time, and ensure our safety.  


I began praying for discernment: wisdom, understanding, and insight.   GOD heard my prayers and Thunder Canyon was the answer.  A defunct campground that closed over 12 years prior, was overgrown, and needed plenty of work.  GOD provided us with the right people at the right time to get us to this point, helped us move forward, and now volunteered to see this dream come alive.  

Today, with the help of the RV Odd Squad, Thunder Canyon is now one of the most beautiful campgrounds in the country.  Thousands have visited us and embraced its natural beauty, peace, community, and God’s presence.  One of the bright spots in our lives is the people coming just to visit for a week or so and end up staying long-term.  They, along with GOD’s grace, are the ones carrying us when we can barely walk ourselves.  This is the safe place I prayed for; not only for us but also the families and friends who supported, loved, and blessed us. With GOD’s guidance, our focus changed from full-time RVing to building a community believing in God, Family, and Country.  


We’ll always be tied to the RV industry but God and our community MUST come first. And now, since our audience and focus changed, we can’t help but go where we’re led.  


This brings us to the next challenge:  BUILDING GOD’S HOUSE here at Thunder Canyon where together we can give all the Glory to Our Father in Heaven! WE ENDEAVOR TO BUILD A CHAPEL IN 100 DAYS AND CELEBRATE ITS OPENING WITH THE FIRST SERVICE ON EASTER SUNDAY 2024


To accomplish this, we’re announcing our God Family Country Ministry, (a non-denominational

501(c)(3) public charity) and we appreciate your continued Love, Prayers and Support.  We can’t do this without you and look forward to seeing you all for our first service on Easter Sunday, 2024!


“I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church and the gates of Hades will not overpower it”  (Mathew 16:18 NASB)

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